Uncovered: 7 Years as a Full-Time Digital Nomad & De Facto CEO

How do you overcome fear of the unknown and do it anyway?

The ever-shifting fear keeps many of us stuck and unable to move forward on projects and new ventures. We could all learn a lot from Kurt Kohlstedt, full-time digital nomad and de facto CEO, who successfully built his publishing companies and websites from the ground up over the past seven years. I’m honored to start off this first feature of People, Uncovered with such an awesome friend and role model!

In the audio conversation below, we talk about what questions to ask as you’re figuring out the life you really want, how to handle those moments of doubt, and how to combat common blocks to getting things going!

Check out Kurt’s background, his websites, and our conversation highlights below.


Kurt Kohlstedt People UncoveredKurt Kohlstedt, Digital Nomad and De Facto CEO

Background: Philosophy bachelor degree and design experience, Master of Architecture

Livelihood: Publishing on Gajitz and WebUrbanist

New projects: Art Shanty Projects nonprofit board member, new book and website in the works

Loves: Dense and complex cities, Stories of design and speculative fiction, Civic innovation and ingenuity, Creative people, Urban raccoon (his spirit animal)

Conversation Highlights

  • Is it ever “too late” to start doing what you really want? (Hint: it’s really up to you)
  • Questions to ask yourself when you’re starting to design the life or livelihood you really want
  • What to do when you’re in those moments of doubt
  • How you manage your energy to do it all, especially at the beginning when you may not have the resources
  • The power of reaching out to others
  • How to use fear and add structure around a decision point to motivate and get yourself moving
  • One of the most common things stopping people from getting the ship out into the water. Kurt gets philosophical at this point and it’s awesome!
  • The process of uncovering is life long. There’s an element of experimentation, knowing your self, being open, and being okay with NOT knowing.

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