When We Forget

when we forget

It’s easy to forget.

It’s easy to forget, when we don’t intentionally look at the richness surrounding and to the horizon in front of us.

We temporarily forget about the blessings in our lives—the many little things we take for granted—and about our most coveted hopes, goals and dreams. When we forget it’s because we’re too focused on the weeds. Read more

Balancing Planning And Inspiration

balancing planning and inspiration

My husband and I spent this past New Year’s Eve running errands, cleaning the house and doing a quiet, mini-celebration at home. I was feeling particularly ambitious that day and advocated for these somewhat lame, but productive household activities despite some reluctance on his end.

As we clinked our toasting flutes a few seconds past midnight, my husband grudgingly admitted it was nice to start the new year in a clean home.

This got me thinking about balancing planning and inspiration—what we often experience day-to-day in our lives. Read more

4 Ways To Make A Change In Your Life – The Pros and Cons


It’s been about two years since I took my first big leap of quitting a job that wasn’t right for me. I’ve made other big changes since then, and each change has had its own challenges. From experience and talking with others, there are four ways to make a change in your life when you’re making a career or other big lifestyle change.
Read more

The Magic of Setting Intentions and Letting Go


As I’m sitting by the poolside on a condo rooftop in City Center, Las Vegas, I keep on thinking about how crazy life can be, and how quickly circumstances can change when setting intentions and letting go. Our short, synchronistic stay right on the strip—as pretentious and flashy of a reputation the city may have—feels oddly appropriate.

It’s a larger-than-life reminder that anything can happen. While there are inevitable losses along the way, there’s also the chance to win big with some strategic risks, persistence and a little bit of luck. Read more

First Guest Podcast Appearance: Intentionally Wandering

Reflections on Intentionally Wandering Podcast

Several months ago, I agreed to be a guest on the Intentionally Wandering podcast run by Jeff Sandquist, a friend of mine. He slotted me in for early September, and about a week ago, we recorded the podcast.

Can’t say it was the best timing with my decision to put Uncoveries on simmer.

I considered canceling. That would’ve been the easiest thing to do. Yet something within me said to hold on and embrace the discomfort and vulnerability.  Read more

The Importance of Energy Chargers Each Day

The Importance of Energy Chargers Each Day

I was recently reminded of the importance of energy chargers each day. Ironically this was during a time that was full of excitement.

The past week has been a blur. My husband and I were in Portland for a conference called the World Domination Summit. While it’s been super great to connect with other likeminded people, I found myself extremely drained as an introvert. To add to the craziness, I wasn’t getting as much sleep with the later nights and so much more going on. Read more