Erase: Clearing Space for Change

Erase Clearing Space for Change

It doesn’t get any easier once the awareness sets in. We often know deep down what’s next—but very few of us like to erase.

The muddled sense of restlessness, the shock from an unexpected event, the suffocating heaviness of stagnancy—these are sorted through in reassessment. After embracing the discomfiting pause in the Reassess stage, we’re faced with a grim decision. Read more

Reassess: The First Step of Change


A remarkable number of people dislike being alone with their thoughts. Like truly alone—without a phone, TV, laptop or tablet to help pass the time.

What about you? As an introvert who recharges by being alone, I enjoy the time I spend by myself. But if I were to count the minutes that I spend without being occupied, distracted and entertained by technology, they add up to far less than I think.

The constant distraction has a cost. Read more

Stagnancy: 5 Reasons Why We Get Stuck


“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevskey

We’ve all been there, knee-deep in a swamp that’s steadily and slowly enveloping you in near darkness. While you sense the importance of struggling your way to shore, the silhouettes of unknown dangers lurking beyond create a stronger feeling of wariness. It’s the reel of the same old song that goes on and on. It’s the hollowness of fear, the heaviness of despair. and the sinking feeling of inaction.

Many of us can relate to some version of stagnancy in our lives—whether it was overstaying in a situation that was no longer fitting, trying to make things the way it used to be or delaying an important decision to the intangible future.

We’re all aware the convenient path of least resistance leads us down to stagnancy. But it doesn’t mean we’re immune. I’ve certainly succumbed many times, falling for the alluring comfort and slow suffocation in spite of being someone who strives for personal growth in my life. Read more

REEBO: A Lifelong Process of Growth and Meaning

REEBO A Lifelong Process of Growth and Meaning

There are natural cycles all throughout life. Each day, we’re greeted by the morning and engulfed by the night. We experience the seasons in a year, and we see the creation and cessation of life in the creatures and humans around us.

Yet when it comes to the patterns of how we live our lives day to day, many of us don’t pay attention to the phases necessary to continuously reach our potential. Through grade school, high school, college, to our first job or two, this is more or less set by the structured path of our society. We’re moved along from school to job system, experiencing new environments and challenges along the way.

But once we get past the scripted path is where (for most people) the trouble begins.

Read more

Embracing A Life of Experience and Freedom

Embracing a Life of Experience and Freedom

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the Dominican Republic with my husband. We’ve been here since the fifth, and it’s been so amazing that we’ve extended our stay an extra four days.

The weather is perfection.

It’s 80 degrees every day with a breeze that rustles the palm fronds and balances out the heat and moments of stillness. The Airbnb condo we’re staying at is modern and gorgeous, and located in a small town near La Romana on the Caribbean side of the Dominican Republic. Read more

Lessons Relearned: Allowing the Unknown to Unfold

Lessons Relearned- Allowing the Unknown to Unfold

I thought it’d be easier this time around, but I was wrong.

These past two weeks, I’ve found renewed value in an article I wrote about the year after my sabbatical. This comes at a time as I’m transitioning into new possibilities in contract work.

It turns out, I could use some reminders of lessons I’ve already learned to be true. Read more

The Truth About Struggle and Meaningful Progress

Struggle and Meaningful Progress

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.” 

– Albert Camus

Struggle has a bad rap. If asked, most of us would likely opt against struggle, preferring to avoid it if we can.

Yet, at the same time, we can’t seem to escape it. Struggle is everywhere. Unavoidable.

Many of us are familiar with struggle as a part of our lives. We understand that anything worth having requires a level of hard work and consistency. Much more, it’s reinforced through our parents, authority figures and general society.

We’re told to work hard and put our nose to the grindstone. 52% of us are dissatisfied with our jobs yet we still stay in them. When something takes longer or more work than we expect, we’re told it’s part of the game and that dues need to be paid.

But for what? Is it worth it? Read more

My Favorite Exercise For Staying Motivated

favorite exercise for staying motivated

Every once in awhile, I find myself wondering.

Wondering if all the changes I’ve made in my life starting in 2014 have been for naught. Wondering when the work I’m putting in will pay off. Wondering if my husband and I are making the right decision for us.

Most days, I’m great. I have faith that I’ve made the right decision to quit my job and embrace uncertainty. I don’t ask if the platforms we’re building will be successful; I generally believe it’s a question of when.

But we all have bad days.  Read more

Uncovering Meaningful Progress In Your Life

meaningful progress in life

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw

I’m not a big fan of change, but I’ve made many over the past year and a half.

Being blessed with a well-paying job, comfortable home and loving husband wasn’t enough. I was grateful for what I had, but an inner part of me needed more.

I needed a sense of progress. Read more

Uncovered: Zahir Dossa and Sustainable Beauty—A Founder’s Journey

Zahir Dossa profile

Is entrepreneurship really for you? 

Zahir Dossa, founder of Function of Beauty and The Argan Tree, shares his unique experience and perspective on entrepreneurship in this feature of People Uncovered. Things sure have changed since our high school days, but Zahir certainly hasn’t slowed down—from getting his PhD to revolutionizing the beauty industry. Function of Beauty recently got accepted into Y-Combinator, an amazing accomplishment for a year old startup!

In this audio conversation, we talk about how he got into the industry, failed ventures, why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, bleeding neck wounds, and more. Read more